Emess Lighting:

Emess are the UK's leading
manufacturer of decoractive
lighting products whose clients
include: M&S, Ikea, B&Q &
Debenhams as well as a
network of independent retailers.

Emess Lighting:

To demonstrate to large retailers
the benefits of choosing Emess
over cheaper foreign competition.

Emess Lighting:

Unlike far east competitiors Emess can react quickly to market changes, a lamp design tool demonstrates their advantage. Clients make their own design colour/shade changes to a range and see the lead time vs competitors ie. days as opposed to months. 

Emess Lighting:

A tool for new customer
acquisition and retention
through providing an active
design tool and a clear
demonstration of their USP. 


Here's two sample concepts for the two sides of their market. Above an online design tool to demonstrate their USP - speed of production to react quickly to market changes and fashions for their larger customers...

...and below an online tool for independent retailers to fill the product knowledge gap in which would also acted as a sales tool to promote their product to customers.

Emess Lighting:

To reduce servicing costs
of independent retailers
by educating them on product
use and to increase
their independent
retailer base.

Emess Lighting:

A free online bathroom fitting guide enables retailers to display ranges to customers, which helps the sales team recruit more retailers and also fills the product knowledge gap to also reduce the volume of sales calls.

Emess Lighting:
Solution provides:

A tool to aid retail partner
acquisition; an in-store sales
promotion tool for retailers;
and a support & sales tool
for independent retailers.

Creative strategic online solutions
to business issues for direct clients
and agencies. 
Creators, designers and developers
of our own online businesses.

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