Community Safety

We were invited to pitch
for the Leeds Community
Safety website.

Leeds Community Safety

To reassure the Community that they were safe in the street, the steps being taken to keep them safe and to start a dialogue in terms of them taking all necessary steps to keep themselves safe.

Leeds Community Safety

Each user selected the profile that matched them the closest from a selection provided, a series of multiple choice questions would then appear for them to select on how likely they thought they would be a victim of crime - research proves that if a user interacts with actions they will be far more likely to retain the information given and the odds given would be much likely to be less than they thought. Instilling reassurance for the user but also starting a dialogue with them, asking them to take extra care in terms of crime prevention to keep them safe.

Community Safety

The solution provided a simple
to use, easy to navigate site full
of detailed information but
accessed through interaction
and dialogue as opposed to
pages of data and statistics
which would be unlikely to be

Leeds Community Safety

We were invited to pitch for the Leeds Community Safety website back in 2003 - the solution broke new ground at the time when information was usually displayed as documents and statistics.

The brief was to help reassure the community about their safety and to open a dialogue regarding the steps they could take to maintain their own security. This would would reduce crime and policing costs and just make the community a safer place.

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