Global company Depuy came to
us with a specific problem in
their Orthopaedics division
which gave us an unusual


In reverse to the norm they had  250 customers but over 120,000 products. Telephone ordering was proving very labour intensive and they needed to provide an ordering system that would enable customers with limited expertise to locate and order the products that they needed. 


Collate multiple systems into a single individual customer online order and account management page. Devise an animated skeleton interface to enable selection from the extensive product database by users with little or no product knowledge.

The ordering interface

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the promotion presentation.


An original online interface to replace an expensive manual ordering system by by-passing the knowledge gap of those ordering required products through a visual hierarchical interface.

In the days of this concept online ordering was very much the realm of the IT professional. They couldn't see how it would not only make their life easier but also help acquire and retain customers because of the reduced level of expertise required to order products it would benefit both customer and client.

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