Thomson Tui

Thomson Tui are one of the UK's
largest tour operators and
Founders Club are their elite

high spending customers.

Thomson Tui

To capture email addresses, to
build individual customer
profiles, to promote targeted
holidays and to increase site
visits and frequency.

Thomson Tui

Customers register to play a 'Round the World in 80 days' quiz. The first round the world wins holiday discount vouchers. Responses used to build a customer profile with targeted offers and monthly questions released to coincide with each resort/destination on the journey. 

Thomson Tui
successfully provides:

Detailed data on customers individual holiday preferences, the ability to promote holidays & destinations to specific customers and an increased number of visitors and frequency of visits.

Thomson Tui
80 days quiz

Thomson Tui

Above is the Thompson Founders Club concept for a Round the World Quiz designed to dovetail with the Holiday Countdown direct mail campaign.

Below is the Thomson Founders Club website from 2001, breaking new ground with a decision tree ordering system. 

Founders Club

To promote the benefits of
Founders Club membership
through an engaging website

which would encourage
people to stay online longer to
search for their ideal holiday. 

Founders Club

We created an innovative virtual
resort featuring doorways to
offers and a decision tree to
filter options and produce fast,
accurate results when
searching for holidays.

Founders Club

Click image for a site preview.


The site increased visitors by 330%.

"An excellent site with original concepts."

Steve Newland

Thomson Tui

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and agencies. 
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